Novaerus Joins Clean Hospitals

The partnership will enable industry experts and hospital management to work together to ensure clean and safe hospitals for patients.

Dublin, Ireland – June 20, 2019 – Novaerus, an Irish company specialising in air dis-infection using patented ultra-low energy plasma, has joined Clean Hospitals.

Clean Hospitals, led by Professor Didier Pittet, from the Geneva University Hospitals, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland, is a collaboration between manufacturers from the professional hygiene industry, representatives from academia, key opinion leaders and hospital management.

Clean Hospitals’ goal is to raise industry standards and increase the visibility of environmental hygiene in patient care. Ultimately, these improvements in environmental hygiene will benefit public health by lowering rates of healthcare-associated infections and reducing antimicrobial resistance.

Since 2008, Novaerus has been researching and developing plasma technology that is unmatched in its ability to safely destroy airborne pathogens that lead to infection. The non-chemical, ultra-low energy plasma technology is powerful enough to destroy pathogens on contact, yet gentle enough for continued use around patients and staff. Today, Novaerus products are helping to control infection in hundreds of hospitals around the world.

Joining Clean Hospitals is a natural partnership for Novaerus, who believes that as hospitals become more crowded, infections become harder to treat and costs become unmanageable. Traditional hygiene protocols need reinforcement.

“Hospitals are facing hygiene challenges they’ve never faced before”, says Kieran McBrien, Senior Vice President for International Business Development at Novaerus. “Partnering with Clean Hospitals allows us to introduce solutions to these challenges that keep hospitals clean and safe, and that includes treating the air.”

The collaboration is a step forward in aligning the research efforts of manufacturers, sharing information, and developing necessary ‘evidence-based cleaning’ solutions as an industry, together with the hospitals.

Professor Pittet states, “the enthusiasm for this initiative reaffirms the need for communication between the two industries in the long run and also signifies that the platform was introduced at the right place at the right time.”

About Novaerus

Novaerus is on a mission to reduce indoor airborne pollutants that lead to infection, allergies and irritation. Our portable air dis-infection units use patented ultra-low energy plasma technology to reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, particulate, mould spores, VOCs, allergens and odours. Novaerus plasma is powerful, yet gentle. With no harmful by-products, it is safe for continued use around vulnerable populations. Our ultra-low energy plasma technology has been independently tested and is trusted by hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world for safe, continuous, and effective air dis-infection.

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About Clean Hospitals

Clean Hospitals is open to all manufacturers of professional cleaning related products, equipment and supplies.

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