Novaerus Awarded Highly Coveted Place on the Innovation Pavilion at Future Healthcare UK 2019, March 18-19

We are thrilled to announce that Novaerus is one of a handful of innovative companies that has been selected to exhibit within the Innovation Pavilion at Future Healthcare UK 2019 and pitch our new Defend 1050 air disinfection unit to a line-up of VIP judges that drive innovation in the UK.  

Novaerus was one of the few companies chosen from a number of applications to participate in the Innovation Pavilion and to present an innovation with the potential to shape the future of healthcare.  

The new medical-grade Novaerus Defend 1050 represents an innovative weapon in the future of infection control. The product combines patented plasma technology for air disinfection and a multi-stage filter system for air purification into one powerful, safe and portable unit 

The all-in-one Defend 1050 is unique in that it can be safely operated continuously around patients and staff to kill airborne pathogens, adsorb odours, neutralise volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and trap particulate as small as 0.12µm. 

With the Defend 1050, optimal indoor air quality can be rapidly restored and maintained within a multitude of healthcare applications, reducing the transmission of infection by air and contamination of surfaces and hands. 

The Innovation Pavillion will be located at stand M28 at Future Healthcare UK 2019. We hope to see you there!  

To learn more about the Defend 1050 click here or contact us directly.