Novaerus announces it will be joining WellAir' social media channels

Novaerus, part of WellAir, today announced that it will be joining the WellAir social media platforms.

WellAir’s family of cleaning solutions include Nuvawave a ground-breaking, hand-held UVC surface disinfection technology, PlasmaAir HVAC bipolar ionisation technology and Novaerus in the area of indoor portable air cleaning devices. All of WellAir’s solutions share the same organization, entity, management and most importantly the same mission which is making the indoor world cleaner and safer.

During the past year, much work has gone into building out the overall WellAir story, as these companies have become part of the larger WellAir family. As part of the process, and in line with our strategy of integrating our different and unique solutions into an overall, coherently communicated customer solution offering, we intend to change the Novaerus social media account names to the WellAir platforms.

Part of the group communication transition process will be to merge the Novaerus Linked In page followers with the WellAir page followers so that we can streamline our group communication strategy, thus enhancing, nurturing and growing our overall social media presence for the benefit of all our partners around the world.

Please follow WellAir for the latest news and information about our portable air-cleaning devices and our joint continued success across the globe.

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About WellAir

WellAir’s mission is to make the indoor world cleaner and safer. The company’s broad range of clean air and surface products are scientifically proven to help safeguard how people work, live and play. WellAir, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and Stamford, Connecticut, is a leading provider of infection control solutions.