Independent Lab Finds Novaerus Plasma Kills 99.9% Flu Virus on Contact

Novaerus Plasma-Based NV900 Eradicates Airborne Virus

Raleigh, N.C. – October 11, 2016  Aerosol Research and Engineering Lab conducted an independent study with the Novaerus NV900 and found it effective in killing the airborne MS2 virus, a surrogate for influenza. “In a matter of hours, the air showed a 4.4 log reduction, which translates to a 99.99% reduction of the virus in the air,” says Felipe Soberon, Chief Technology Officer of Novaerus.

He continues, “This finding is significant in support of plasma-based air purification technology as a safe and effective approach to infection control measures.” Facilities from healthcare to hotels and schools are plagued during the flu season. Flu viruses, however, are usually transmitted through droplets coughed or sneezed into the air. Alone, traditional hand washing and cleaning methods are not enough to prevent and contain outbreaks. During the flu season, it is critical to destroy viruses in the air before they are inhaled or land on surfaces. This provides a comprehensive infection defence system for high traffic indoor facilities. Strong enough to destroy bacteria, viruses, mould, spores and allergens. Its safe design runs 24/7 to annihilate airborne pathogens. Novaerus is committed to the highest indoor air quality.

Developed in 2008, Novaerus technology generates what is called a Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma or DBD. When microorganisms in the air, including toxins, come into contact with the DBD plasma, they are eliminated. Novaerus enables facilities to reduce negative financial impacts associated with viral outbreaks, such as staff absenteeism. To learn more about Novaerus and its air quality control solutions, visit