Clean Hospitals Day – 10/10/20

Novaerus is delighted to be supporting Clean Hospitals Day, a global awareness campaign created to highlight the importance of healthcare environmental hygiene.

On the 10th of October 2020, Clean Hospitals Day will celebrate and empower key environmental hygiene healthcare workers. This day also represents a call to hospital management, decision-makers and stakeholders to champion environmental hygiene and to take action to make hospitals cleaner and safer.

Clean Hospitals Day aims to ensure recognition of the importance of healthcare environmental hygiene, to provide stronger focus and guidance and to define and share a global understanding for hygiene standards. The global campaign will address all the components of healthcare environmental hygiene such as surfaces, air, medical waste, fabrics and fittings, water, IT, digitalization and much more.

To learn more about Clean Hospitals Day, visit the website.

Please join us on 10/10/20 and let’s celebrate Clean Hospitals Day together – #CleanHospitalsDay.

As part of the campaign, Clean Hospitals are holding a  free teleclass – Clean Hospitals: The Next Frontier in Infection Prevention on the 20th of October at 7.30 PM CEST.  The teleclass will be taught by Prof Didier Pittet, Chair of Clean Hospitals, and Dr Pierre Parneix, Education Director of Clean Hospitals, who will address pressing questions in healthcare environmental hygiene, explaining why it is key for preventing healthcare-associated infections and protecting staff and our environment. 

Register for the free teleclass here. 

In preparation for the teleclass, from the 10th – 20th of October, Clean Hospitals will release 10 mini videos with questions about healthcare environmental hygiene. These questions will be answered during the teleclass. 

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Clean Hospitals is a coalition of international stakeholders who work explicitly to promote Healthcare Hygiene. Clean Hospital’s vision is to be the guardians protecting healthcare workers, patients and the environment, believing that by making care facilities a cleaner place, the healthcare system will be better equipped to protect its inhabitants.